Polaric Features

Polaric connects, combines, and analyzes your data so you can focus on making better decisions to grow your business.


All-in-one platform for dashboards and reports

Polaric automatically integrates data from any platform, system, or even spreadsheets to create a single view of your customer, revenue, marketing spend, and business.

Scheduled reports

Get your favorite reports in your inbox daily

Daily refresh

Stay on top of your data with reliable, daily refresh across all your platforms

E-commerce centric

Polaric is designed by e-commerce practitioners for e-commerce practitioners


Your data. Your rules.

Construct custom metrics, including forecasts, and currency

Channel mapping

Map your marketing channels in a way that works for you - no coding knowledge required

Forecast upload

Compare actuals against forecast, all in one place

Custom definitions

Bring your own definitions - Polaric
will make it work

Data Pipeline

Integrations with all your data sources

Polaric supports all the platforms you use and more

20+ integrations

With more added all the time

Normalized data

Polaric takes the guesswork out of matching up disparate data sources

Security built-in

Polaric democratizes your data while keeping it safe from prying eyes

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