Polaric puts your data to work.

Polaric is born out of Sproutward—a boutique, digital consultancy led by industry veterans with VP- and C-level experience—which has been partnering with brands to build direct-to-consumer business through customer acquisition and retention since 2016.

Data is at the core of everything that has made our team successful.

While advising our clients, we found that organizations were having a hard time answering critical business questions like:

How much does it cost to acquire a new customer? What is the lifetime value of a customer, and how does that change over time? Which products drive the best customers?

Our team tried numerous off-the-shelf tools to help clients answer these questions, but with limited success.

In response, we built Polaric to solve four key problems and to deliver actionable insights that drive performance:

Polaric is already helping brands like Crocs, Converse, and Hanna Andersson take control of their data and understand it in ways that have transformed their marketing and performance.

Additionally, smaller and mid-size brands generating their first million(s) in sales are also benefiting from the rich insights that Polaric offers without having to make the investment in a full analytics team.

With our competitive pricing model, your company can begin to experience the power of multiple analytics experts for less than the cost of one analyst in the matter of weeks. Find out more today! 

Our team

Polaric is built by e-commerce veterans.

Anabela Perozek

Co-Founder / Strategy Lead
Anabela has 30 years of experience building & leading analytically-driven teams that achieve business results.

Scott Zakrajsek

Co-Founder / Product & Analytics Lead
With over a decade leading e-commerce analytics & conversion teams, Scott is passionate about solving business challenges through data & automation.

Kevin Biondi

Co-Founder / Sales & Business Development Lead
With over 20 years of experience, Kevin excels in customer acquisition, growth & retention in the online & mobile space.