E-Commerce Analytics for Growing DTC Businesses

Polaric automatically connects, combines, and analyzes your data, so you can make better decisions to grow your business.

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Your data is connected, automated, and ready for action.

Automated Data Connections

Polaric automatically integrates data from any platform, system, or even Google Sheets to create a single view of your customer, revenue, marketing spend, and business.

Analytics Dashboards

Polaric’s Dashboards deliver KPIs and metrics in 40+ standard reports for stakeholders including executive leaders, marketing, and operations and finance professionals. All Dashboards can be customized for each customer’s requirements and are optimized for mobile devices

Advanced user tracking and analytics


Let Polaric unlock hidden insights in your customer data.

Data is everywhere

Mountains of data is siloed in 100s of platforms and systems.

New sources emerge all the time, and too much time is spent accessing and combining data.

We bring this data together in one place. Automatically.

Brands don't move past basic metrics

Manual calculations and data gymnastics are required to create meaningful KPIs such as customer LTV, CAC, and net profit.

Most teams cannot make data-driven decisions to optimize marketing and product strategy.

Excel reporting does not scale

Manual and Excel-based reporting is prone to errors.

Infrequent updates mean data is not actionable.

Siloed reporting creates confusion across teams.

Automated data connections.

Polaric automatically integrates data from any platform, system, or even Google Sheets to create a single view of your customer, revenue, marketing spend, and business.


More than 40+ supported integrations with all the ad platforms and partners you use.

How it works

Customized DTC Analytics for your brand in less than 2 weeks

1. Connect Your Data

Working hand-in-hand with the Polaric team, we'll integrate all of your ecommerce, CRM, and marketing data sources.

We will also identify any measurement gaps and document a plan to get this fixed.

Bad data in = bad data out.

2. Custom configuration for your business

The Polaric team of data analysts will customize our views uniquely to your business.

This includes channel and campaign grouping, forecasts and pacing, currency conversions, and fiscal calendars.

3. Data validation and training

The Polaric team will validate data accuracy against source systems and train your team on how to get the most out of our suite of DTC dashboards.


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

‍“Before [Polaric], dozens of team members spent countless hours manually loading cost and performance data across our global properties. We now have over 100 data feeds flowing automatically into [] giving our global teams a single view of performance at the start of each day, allowing them to focus on driving business.”

"[Polaric] gives us daily visibility into new customers, marketing spend, and CAC– enabling us to chase opportunity in real-time. We built a team practice around measuring new customers/CAC and pushing spend up or down daily to align with demand and with the promotional calendar. This created a step change improvement in scale coupled with an improvement in CAC."

"Having a clear view of customer economics is critical for DTC businesses - not only to drive day-to-day acquisition and retention marketing strategies, but also to enable clear articulation of metrics to boards and investors. [Polaric] has made a meaningful impact on the business and changed the way we operate."

"Sproutward’s [Polaric] solution allowed Converse to answer business-critical questions without increasing engineering staff. The speed to launch was unmatched compared with our estimates to build internally. Tying data across all of our marketing partners into a joint platform has helped our marketers focus on the business and deliver higher marketing efficiency."